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 Stevie (OLD GIT) Wells Vocalist
Steve was one of the local Bus drivers and was well known to sing to his passengers in the hope they would disembark, and he could get an early one in,
This worked to a certain extent but not a thoroughly as he hoped for, in an effort to continue torturing the British public he turned to Big Boys Noise and has been with them from the start basically,
Well advanced in years for a Rock band singer but he is as fit as a Racing Snake
Apart from the band, Steve’s biggest hobby is consuming his body weight on a daily basis in Beer and Brandy.

Tracie (Big uns) Garner Vocalist

Tracie is known locally for ability to shatter reinforced glass with her vocal range. A champion of Karaoke and champion of the band
Nobody will mess with her as she is double hard, she brings a bit of class to the band and always mediates when the bloodletting begins.
A devil and satanist is always welcome in any Rock environment.

Russ (you K***) Johnson Percussion

Russ is one of the Big Boys, Fantastic time served drummer who uses 4 sticks at a time,2 for throwing at the Bassist.
Russ keeps the band in tow rhythm wise and is all a well-respected rum consumer.

Bigrobbo (bumnote) Dettmer Bassist (loosely termed)

Another Bigboy
Robbo comes for a background of playing and partying. The memory capacity of a goldfish but hands the size of a bear.
Rob thumps out the low notes on his fender through a criminally ear bleeding rig. there is talk in the band of getting him some clothes that fit him, Jacamo are still working on it

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